Lunch with a view

Treat for your tummy and for your eyes, Antares manages to deliver it all. Owned by Sarah Todd, Master-chef Australia’s winner, this beautiful restaurant is located in Vagator (Goa) just opposite the beach which gives you the perfect combination to lunch with a view.                         

Being accompanied by my crazy friends we decided to feast and it was all worth it. Now it came to the main test, DESSERT!!  Having a sweet tooth I was all in to try one of Sarah’s famous Master-chef iced nougat, pistachio, cranberry, pomegranate and instantly fell in love with it, the other dessert that was ordered was Dark chocolate brownie, salted butterscotch, peanut crunch which will be loved by chocolate lovers.

If you want great views and impeccable food, Antares is the place to visit. 

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